Speakers’ presentations

See some videos of the speakers’ presentations.

  • Opening Speech by Sylvie Lussier, Chair of IAWG and research group and SARTEC President (in English) (in Spanish)
  • Keynote by Christina Kallas, FSE President and Chair of Steering Committee of WCOS 2.0 (in English) (in Spanish)
  • The Cosmonaut, Nicolás Alcalá (Spain) producer, director, screenwriter, and founder of Riot Cinema Collective (in English) (in Spanish)
  • Distribution: Changing Paths to the Audience, by Charles B. Slocum, assistant executive director, Writers Guild of America, West (WGAw) (in English) (in Spanish)
  • Engaging those formerly known as the audience, by Liz Rosenthal, founder and CEO of Power to the Pixel (in English) (in Spanish)
  • Paul Kontonis, digital media strategist and chairman of the board of the International Academy of Web Television (in English) (in Spanish)
  • Producing with Audience, by Timo Vuorensola, director/producer Iron Sky (in English) (in Spanish)

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